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For My Soldier

Raindrops fall across my face
Thoughts of you on my mind
My heart quickining it's pace
Longing for your touch; sweet and kind

All colors have gone to gray
Even though it may be to late
Your safe return is all I pray
Being together is what I anticipate

Then comes that fateful knock...
Knock on my door
The one that left me in shock
Hitting me to my core

Now here I sit, sorrow within
Veiled in black
The American flag over your coffin
For my soldier once in Iraq

It's all a blur
The salute and praise
All the talk of what you were
I'm lost in a never-ending haze

Living; I don't know how
With out you by my side
I'm all alone now
No more tears to cry...
This was written for all of those who have lost someone dear. I know it's hard, for I have watched friends and family lose those they love in this horribble battle in Iraq. I have great empathy for those have a feeling for this poem, and I hope the best for them.

Time: 1 1/2 hours

(c) SpazzyDragon13
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January 26, 2008
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